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Crucial Bliss Releases

YES COLLAPSE Final Diagnosis CD-R

YES COLLAPSE Final Diagnosis CD-R

track listing
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One of the new batch of Crucial Bliss discs that we've got percolating is Final Diagnosis, the final release from the Dayton industrial scum-dirge trio of Dan Rizer, Josh Fink, and Matthew Reis, together known as Yes, Collapse. These guys were pretty much the house band for the noise/core/drone label Epicene Sound System, releasing a host of ridiculously limited-edition cassettes and CD-Rs, oftentimes doing splits with likeminded heavy noise bands. I've been grooving on Yes, Collapse's blasted electronics and factory deathcrush since their Smeared White Sickness disc from a couple years ago, and ended up talking back and forth with Matt from YC for awhile about releasing something with them. Alas, at the end of last year, members of Yes, Collapse moved away and the band more or less ended, but not before recording this brutal full length which they gave to me to release as part of the Crucial Bliss CD-R series. And it is one of the heaviest, most corroded slabs of industro-violence to lurk in the Crucial Bliss catalog to date. Yes, Collapse has that distinctly midwestern brand of improvised noise-rock that you'll recognize immediately, but then they go and drop in caustic crawls through rust-coated computer doom, brutal factory scrape, tribal junk-metal percussion trances, guitars with the distortion pushed all the way into the red and beyond, deranged verbal rantings, and pure free-noise fuckery, all combined into a crushingly heavy noise-dirge epic that will strip the paint from your walls.
Final Diagnosis is packaged in a full-color foldout sleeve with the disc attached to the inner sleeve on a plastic hub, and pressed in a limited edition of 150 copies.