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Crucial Bliss Releases

WETHER Uncertain Ritual CD-R

Track 1: "Cloven Hoofed Priest" ::MP3 EXCERPT::
Track 2: "Out Of Life" ::MP3 EXCERPT::
Track 3: "Playground Of Quicksand" ::MP3 EXCERPT::
Track 4: "Swollen Mirror" ::MP3 EXCERPT::

Wether is the blackened noise project from Mike Haley, the beardo that runs the classy Electric Human Project label and who is also half of Big China & Little Trouble...this entity has released an assload of cassettes and splits and even a wee bot if vinyl over the past couple of years, and all of it which I've heard has been excellent, a kind of formless, ganrled industrial blackness, usually very dirgey and crushing, possessed by the occasional blast of snarling black metal screams buried in distortion and awesomely malevolent synthesizer drones that, when they really get going, sound like the tarblack afterbirth of Wolf Eyes jamming on cues from John Carpenter's The Fog OST from '94. We finally hooked up with Mike to bring you this new full length of infernal hypnosis Uncertain Ritual, a collection of hellish mechanical atmospheres, meditative trance-loops constructed from machine clatter and blocks of white noise, torrents of bellowing distortion goo and black ambience that's creepy as fuck. This is super-high quality fx pedal/circuit-bent generated deathscape action, brutally heavy in spots with massive creeping industrial rhythms and whirlpools of ultra-distorted metal-like crunch, and tranquil and beautiful in others when Wether moves into placid drones and subdued underground vibrations. This is terminally evil shit though, and it falls somewhere in between the black ambient/industrial chaos of artists like Nordvargr and Abruptum, and the grinding electronic skum of Wolf Eyes and Anenzephalia.
Uncertain Ritual is packaged in the signature Bliss sleeve with full color artwork from Crucial Blast, and the disc is attached to the interior of the sleeve on a plastic hub. Issued in a limited edition of 300 copies.