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With all of the highly stylized, heady music coming out from the American black metal underground right now (much of which is sounding less and less like anything that you'd actually call "black metal"), having Glass Coffin nail-gun your skull with it's gnarled, scumbag satanic thrash and drug/booze-addled hatred is a pleasant change of pace over here at C-Blast. Up till now, I've only come across a couple of releases from this one-man band; a split tape with Tombstalker, a Cd-r on Black Goat , a split 7" with maudlin necro droner Moloch. All of that stuff ripped, but Glass Coffin's ferocity and filthiness reached a fever pitch on the new album Remnants Of A Cold Dead World. When the band sent the recording to me earlier last year, it immediately tore my head off upon the first listen and replaced my worthless skull with a charred and smoking wooden cross jammed upside-down into the burnt stump.
This new full-length blast of ugly, low-fi black metal from Kentucky's Glass Coffin features ten tracks of dissonant minor-key dread and charred distortion injected into vicious punk-damaged blackness. Although he's probably better known for his previous work with the likes of sludgy noise rock beasts Cadaver In Drag, assorted black noise experiments under his own name, and as one half of the ambient noise duo Swamp Horse, this is no mere flirtation with black metal. Glass Coffin's garagey, fuzz-blasted black filth is fully fanged, a ferocious thrash attack that blends together lethal Hellhammer-influenced atavism, nail-gargling attacks on the Lamb and weak scum, eruptions of nuclear black noise, supremely shambling drumming, and a heavy hardcore punk influence combined with some whacked-out blues moves (and even some traces of blown-out Appalachian twang) that situates these songs somewhere in the same bent terrain of North American black metal between the likes of Tjolgtjar, Canis Dirus, and Blood Cult, and the violent blackened punk of Devil's Dung, Akitsa and Willing Feet. This is ugly, fucked-up music that celebrates murder, perversion, hatred and graveyard hallucinations - a new favorite of mine, for sure. Kill or be killed!
The disc is accompanied by a sixteen-page black and white art zine that's filled with Josh Lay's crude, blasphemous artwork of LSD-soaked intestinal regurgitation, amorphous heaps of Lovecraftian monstrosity, church burning, Baphometic demons with frozen rictus grins, and other charnel-pit visions, wrapped in a black-on-black obi-band. There's also a set of black and white vinyl Glass Cofin stickers, a lyric/info insert, and a set of two 1" buttons included in this set. Each copy comes in a clear dvd-style case, and is hand-numbered and released in an edition of two hundred copies.