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fulci dead lights red sky

FULCI Dead Lights Red Sky CD-R

track listing
1.Temple Hammer
2.Gallows Of Divorce ::MP3 sample::
3.Scatter My Bones On The Shore
5.Depth Lord:The Year Of The Dragon

The first recorded offering from twilight-psyche dronerock duo FULCI. Deep, rumbling, and eternal speaker-buzz worship, wrapped around lumbering riffs drunk on cough syrup and shimmering distortion overload. Howling feedback mantras repeated ad infinitum. Major key rustic lullabies are reduced to primal string scraping drones that climb over mountains of echoing hum. Intensely melodic and repetitious, like SKULLFLOWER covering EARTH's 2 in an old, empty farmhouse. FULCI is Eric Crowe (formerly of Social Infestation, currently of Marax) and Adam Wright. Former members of Leviathan A.D. and The Bodybag Romance assisted on bass and drums, respectively. Mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound.

From DEAD ANGEL Webzine:
"The band is named after legendary goremeister Lucio Fulci (probably best known for the zombie cannibal holocausto deluxo ZOMBIE), and that's certainly appropriate, for this is a genuinely gruesome platter of dark and evil death-drone. This is what zombie cannibals listen to while gnawing mindlessly on the flesh of the living. The band itself is Eric Crowe (Social Infestation, Marax) and Adam Wright (Strong Intention, Leviathan A.D., head zombie for Crucial Blast), with some help from Nathan Miller on bass and Adam Brown (drums). The five longish tracks on here poot about in the darkened alleys often frequented by the likes of Skullflower, Earth (circa their second album), Teeth of Lions Rule The Divine, Sunn O))), and maybe even a smidge o' Maeror Tri. It's all tripped-out riffs repeated endlessly over rumbling death-drone from another dimension, like cowering in fear in a darkened basement while the rest of the building collapses one slow brick at a time. One of the best tracks is "scatter my bones on the shore," which combines wavelike drone guitar with wailing, ringing feedback and melodic lines over fragmented percussion; "temple hammer" and "gallows of divorce" are more straightfoward power-death drone, scary enough in its own right, but "... shore" is one of the most unusual and eerie drone mantras I've heard in a while. Actually, "temple hammer" -- the opening salvo of grim death-dirge -- has a far more metallic grind than the band's influences, and the bleak, ritualistic chanting of the doomed is a nice touch o' grimness. Even better, the bass-heavy creep of "megan" features some hideously detuned bass with serious teeth, and soon settles into a monolithic two-step slo-mo drone that washes over you like the waves of the ocean, disgorging bloated bodies that come to rest on an endless beach, waiting for the scavengers. The final track, "depth lord: the year of the dragon" is essentially piercing wails of feedback over a slowly-rotating drone broken only by punishing subterranean riffing, molasses-style. Truly one of the most forbidding sessions of apocalyptic, soul-crushing doom you could ever hope to hear. Forget about that next hit on the crack pipe; spend your cash on this instead. Then you'll have something appropriate to listen to while smoking the next round as you descend into hell...."