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BACTERIA CULT Soulless Solace CD-R

1. Souless Solace ::LISTEN::
2. Ridiculous Toothless Existence ::LISTEN::
3. Chivalrous Deeds ::LISTEN::
4. Partial Nudity, Mild Profanity ::LISTEN::
5. Threat Level - Chartreuse ::LISTEN::
6. Mastication ::LISTEN::
7. Getting The Goat ::LISTEN::
8. Corporate Invertebrate ::LISTEN::
9. Suicide Pact ::LISTEN::

Crucial Bliss is issuing Soulless Solace, a new full-length disc from this up-and-coming southern California quartet that features Chris Dodge (Spazz / Hellnation / Despise You / Ancient Chinese Secret / East West Blast Test / Jesus Philbin), Jay Howard (Circuit Wound / Wire Werewolves), Kevin Fetus (Fetus Eaters / Watch Me Burn), and someone named E. Nervo all collaborating on mammoth jet-expulsions of seriously deranged ambient muck. The nine tracks on Soulless Solace tend towards the epic, with more than half of them running past the ten minute mark as the group summons dense, murky clouds of psychedelic effects, swirling opiate ambience, inebriated fx-box fuckery, random flashes of found music and radio transmissions, skullcrushing free-noise mayhem, and flailing demonic heaviness. Some out there have been lazily slapping the "noise" label on this bunch of maniacs, but don't be fooled...this is something much more gorked than just another exercise in mindless power-skree. Nah, Bacteria Cult create something much more druggy and creepy they travel through an upside-down dadaist darkland filled with looped voices, smears of ominous orchestral samples, bubbling mad scientist lab fx, and waves of crushing formless sludge and monstrous distorted vocals. Like some mescaline-doused tumble through a black pit where different turntables are spinning beat-up, shit-encrusted copies of The Conet Project, Nurse With Wound's Homotopy to Marie, Coil's Scatalogy, Contagious Orgasm's The Flow of Sound Without Parameter, and a chorus of unknown, super-obscure Scandinavian black ambient 7"s all spinning on their wobbly axis at the same time. A fantastic and cohesive series of schizophrenic yet mesmerizing bad-dream soundscapes. Released in a limited print run of 300 copies, and packaged in a full-color foldout sleeve.

"Its curious what happens when people lose reason, whether they become mad by will through hallucinogens or through shocking experiences from life, in either case the person usually feels that the world around starts to collapse, the contours of what we call reality goes to hell, the certainty we had on daily basis starts to crumble like castle of dust, what once was solid now its ethereal and our mind starts to lose all the rational defences, and then... we face chaos. It has always been said that chaos subsists behind this apparent structure of security we call reason, that behind this articulation lies the uttermost form from universe, a never ending drip into paradox and complex concatenations of matter and space-time. I like when some bands dare to dive into madness, leaving open a gate for the avid aural explorer to get into the womb of the bizarre, this is the case with this band from the most radical avant garde label in the US these days, the Crucial Blast label scheduling this album under their sub label Crucial Bliss. This imploding execution by Bacteria Cult after a litter of previous interesting aural experiences (Shrine of swine and A snake on the leg of the burning building) its an interesting example of chaos in sound, a well fucked up trip or a demented exploration in insanity. “Soulless solace” it’s a hitch into the unknown, an amalgam made of the weirdest electronic sounds, organic ambience bubbling, boiling, crawling, buzzing, twisting, stretching, corroding and distorting in an endless aural perdition that finds rejoice into the psychedelic with a dark tone upon it. Maybe not dismal enough to be a death trip but strange enough to be outworldly and mind bugging it will delight the listener’s wanting to find solace in rarity.

If the listener digs well into the album, he will find that there’s not rampant chaos as it may seem at first hand, each of the track constructions manage to find a formless directive, probably centred on the savage combustion of multiple sounds erupting everywhere, the roaming progression that engulfs with its rhythmless motion and the wild organic ambience that surrounds every texture and dynamic. At times the Low-fi analogue tones with its multiple tonalities surrounded by the supernatural gut-texture like loops and the high dose on twisted psychedelic distortion with melted down samplers of live recordings and doped dynamics reminds me of a four head siamese that could come from a band like Ait! and Atrax Morgue. The music is certainly depraved in its own, the progressions leave no trace of recognizable form or structure, everything is a liquid mass of syncopated inebriation of analogues and digital sounds that advance into murky landscapes. The music is heavy to say the least and dense as an anvil with its many interesting effects and turns. The combination of live recordings all bastardized in weird synthesis and distortion aided by analogue sounds and minimal sound textures is an agile convention although not secure enough for the faint of heart. The only properly set of rhythms will be found during the epic commence and eponymous title “Soulless solace” and then in “Threat level” with its tribal induction that lasts enough to be appreciated, then mayhem succeeds in and out, each track juxtaposed to each other as an outsider monologue descends in a spiral of instrumental distortions with manic organic loops forming virulent textures. “Getting goat” will divert with its mechanic pulsation surrounded by a miasma of murky sounds. In here we can appreciate the apparition of harsh textures morphing into high pitched frequencies, this track is probably the one that has the more solid formation.

Usually most works dealing with psychedelics or insane ambience whereabouts tend to describe a commence a peak and then a descent, you will not find this in here, you’ll pretty much reach at the top of the aural revelation and from there on you’ll have to deal with the spastic twists and turns from its weird progression, maybe the density from the beginning gets appeased a bit in between the moments of ecstatic aberrations described on the half and then get replaced by succulent banquets of cacophony, noise breaths and buzzes accompanied by the omnipresent aura of organic surroundings with its many demented spasms but thats all you’ll get. In this sense the work seems to concrete some kind of progression other than the juxtaposition of a set of tracks that are ambivalent in its demented roaming into mayhem ambience where one is sure not to overcome. Interesting morphing sounds and really sickening organic formations in general grants this record a good quality yet quite rare in form, this is a record to explore with caution even for the advanced listener